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Laura L Mays Hoopes Laura L Mays Hoopes


Scientist and author Laura L. Mays Hoopes writes inspiring stories of courage, hard choices, mentors and detractors, the power of family connections to build or tear down, and how people compose a satisfying life.

Opening Doors

Her nonfiction books include Breaking Through the Spiral Ceiling: An American Woman Becomes a DNA Scientist, a memoir of her own molecular biology career, and Opening Doors: Joan Steitz and Jennifer Doudna, Two Women of the RNA World, a dual biography of two women who have overcome many challenges to achieve the heights of academic science and also enjoyed family life. Nonfiction shorter works include a piece on learning ecology in North Carolina Literary Review, a humorous article on pizza in Christian Science Monitor, a series of introductions to specific women scientists and opportunities for women in science in Association for Women in Science Magazine, and articles in The Scientist, Writers' Journal, The Key Reporter (of Phi Beta Kappa), and others. She initiated the short features on specific scientists and she wrote and edited the featured biographies for Cell Biology Education—Life Sciences Education from 2006 to 2009. She has also hosted a women-in-science blog for many years for Nature on the Scitable educational website.

Laura's short stories have appeared in The Chaffin Review, a published anthology of prize winning stories, The Fat City Review and other places.

She interviews authors and writes about nature and writing at her literary blog.